The UAE has executed VAT on 1st January, 2018. Larger part of products and administrations provided will be saddled @ 5%, which is the least VAT rate within the world. Furthermore, certain supplies are assessable @ 0%, few supplies are excluded and others are kept out of the scope of VAT Registration.

This prepared reckoner will help you to check the VAT rates pertinent to each major division in UAE.


Supply Excluded Out of Scope Assessable at 0% Assessable at 5%


Private and open school instruction (barring higher instruction) and related products and administrations given by instructive teach ✔

Higher instruction given by educate possessed by the Government or 50% financed by the Government, and related merchandise and administrations ✔

Instruction given by private higher instructive teach, and related merchandise and administrations ✔

Nursery instruction and pre-school instruction ✔

School regalia ✔

Stationery ✔

Electronic gear (Tablets, portable workstations, etc.) ✔

Leasing of school grounds for occasions ✔

After school exercises for additional expenses ✔

After school exercises provided by instructors and not for additional charge ✔

School trips where the reason is instructive and inside the educational programs ✔

School trips for diversion or not inside the educational modules ✔


Preventive healthcare benefit counting immunizations ✔

Healthcare administrations pointed at treatment of people counting restorative administrations and dental administrations ✔

Other healthcare administrations that are not for treatment and are not preventive (e.g. mixed pharmaceutical, restorative surgery, etc.) ✔

Solutions and therapeutic gear as recorded in Cabinet Choice ✔

Medications and restorative hardware not recorded in Cabinet Choice ✔

Other restorative supplies ✔

Oil and gas

Unrefined oil and characteristic gas ✔

Other oil and gas items counting petrol at the pump ✔


Household traveler transportation (counting flights inside UAE) ✔

Universal transportation of travelers and products (counting intra-GCC) ✔

Supply of a implies of transport (discuss, ocean and arrive) for the commercial transportation of products and travelers (over 10 individuals) ✔

Supply of products and administrations relating to supply of these implies of transport and to the transportation of merchandise and travelers ✔

Genuine domain

Deal and lease of commercial buildings ✔

To begin with sale/rent of private building after completion of development or transformation ✔

To begin with deal of charitable building ✔

Sale/rent of private buildings ensuing to to begin with supply ✔

Lodgings, motels and adjusted convenience ✔

Uncovered arrive ✔

Arrive (Not bare arrive) ✔

UAE citizen building possess domestic ✔

Monetary administrations

Edge based items (items not having an unequivocal charge, commission, discount, rebate or comparable) ✔

Items with an unequivocal charge, commission, discount, markdown or comparable ✔

Intrigued on shapes of loaning (counting advances, credit cards, fund renting) ✔

Issue, allocation or exchange of an value or obligation security ✔

Speculation gold, silver and platinum adornments

More than 99% immaculate and tradable in worldwide markets ✔

Less than 99% immaculate ✔

Gems ✔

Protections and reinsurance ✔

Protections and reinsurance (counting wellbeing, engine, property, etc.) ✔

Life protections and life reinsurance ✔

Nourishment and beverages

Nourishment and refreshments ✔

Broadcast communications and electronic administrations

Wired and remote broadcast communications and electronic administrations ✔

Government exercises

Majestic exercises which are not in competition with the private segment attempted by assigned Government bodies ✔

Exercises that are not majestic or are in competition with the private division VAT rate depends on the products and administrations provided

Not for benefit organizations

Exercises of remote Governments, worldwide associations, discretionary bodies and missions acting as such (in case not in trade in UAE) ✔

Charitable exercises attempted by social orders and affiliations of open welfare which are recorded by Cabinet Choice ✔

Exercises of other not for benefit organizations (not recorded in Cabinet Choice) which are not commerce exercises ✔

Trade exercises embraced by the over organizations VAT Registration uae rate depends on the merchandise and administrations provided

Free Zones

Supplies of merchandise between businesses in assigned zones ✔

Supplies of administrations between businesses in assigned zones VAT rate depends on the benefit provided

Supplies of merchandise and administrations in non-designated zones VAT rate depends on merchandise or administrations provided

Supplies of merchandise and administrations from terrain to assigned zones or assigned zones to territory VAT return uae rate depends on the merchandise or administrations provided


Trade of merchandise and administrations to exterior the GCC VAT executing States ✔

Exercises attempted by workers within the course of their work, counting pay rates ✔

Supplies between individuals of a single assess bunch ✔

Any supplies of services or products not specified over (incorporates any things sold in UAE or benefit given) ✔

Moment hand products (e.g. Utilized cars sold by retailers), collectibles and collectors’ things 5% of the benefit edge

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