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includes VAT, it is common to issue and receive an invoice for goods or services whose price includes VAT. Incl. tax means that the displayed price includes the VAT value. According to UAE VAT, in some cases, it is mandatory to include VAT in the listed price of goods or services. In such cases, if the taxpayer fails to declare the price of the goods or services as tax-inclusive, an administrative penalty of AED 15,000 will be imposed. At the same time, if a tax invoice is issued for the supply of such goods or services, the amount of value added tax must be indicated separately. In these cases, let’s clarify how the VAT amount is calculated if the declared price includes VAT.

When should the price include VAT?
Every taxpayer in the UAE must declare the price of taxable goods or services including her VAT, except in the following cases: need to do it.

Supply is for export.
Export of goods or services occurs when goods or services are delivered to her recipient outside the UAE. There are different export scenarios and in each scenario he calculates VAT differently. For more information on export scenarios, see the Export and Import article on VAT. In export scenarios where VAT is applicable, do not include the VAT amount in the price of your goods or services.

Customer is a subscriber.
If the supply of goods or services is to her another registered person in the UAE, the price of the goods or services supplied should not include tax. Sales tax amount must be displayed separately.

Import of Goods or Services
When importing goods or services, the UAE registrant must pay her VAT at the time of import pursuant to reverse chargeability. In such cases, the invoice issued by the recipient must state the price without specifying the value added tax paid at the time of import.

Formula including VAT
If the displayed price includes VAT, the VAT amount can be determined using the following formula:

Tax amount = Amount including VAT X Tax rate ÷ (100 + Tax rate)

Let’s take an example. To understand this:

Jehan & Co. of Dubai supplies televisions to his Noor Electronics in Abu Dhabi. The TV costs AED 50,000 including VAT. Jehan & Co. wants to determine the amount of tax.

Here his VAT rate for television is 5%.

Let’s find the value of VAT in this case:

Price including tax = 50,000 AED

Tax rate = 5

Therefore, VAT amount = 50,000 * 5/105 = 2,381 AED

Therefore, this is simple This formula can be used by anyone who wants to calculate the value of VAT when the price of goods or services includes VAT. Note that for VAT tax invoices, even if the product or service is sold at a specific price, the VAT amount must be shown separately on the invoice. Price including consumption tax.

What is the difference between VAT inclusive and VAT exclusive in the UAE?
As already mentioned, ‘VAT inclusive’ means the price of the product/service including the taxable amount. Some jurisdictions require the display of the price of goods or services including VAT. Therefore, the term “VAT inclusive” is used to describe a price that already includes tax, and the term “excluding VAT” is used to describe a price that still requires tax to be added to determine the final price. Used when explaining.

VAT Frequently Asked Questions
What is Inclusive Tax?
Inclusive Tax, as the term suggests, is the amount of a product or service that includes a taxable amount. “Tax included” basically means that the displayed price includes value added tax. In such cases, you will need to work backwards to determine the taxable value.

How do I calculate the included VAT?
VAT is calculated using a simple formula:

Tax amount = Value inclusive of tax X tax rate ÷ (100 + tax rate)

What does it mean VAT excluded?
VAT exclusive is used when describing a price to which tax is yet to be added to arrive at the final cost.

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