The FTA has introduced a range of measures to help businesses comply with the newly introduced VAT in the UAE. Businesses can understand the various intricacies of VAT law and find solutions to problems and difficulties in complying with VAT regulations. Understand the various support channels introduced by FTA and how you can take advantage of them.

VAT learning support channels introduced by FTA
E-learning modules
FTA has developed a range of e-learning modules to help businesses learn basic and advanced topics in VAT. Companies can use these modules to train relevant employees within their organization about the company’s VAT compliance obligations. FTA also offers live trainings and webinars that taxpayers can attend to learn more about VAT. 

These e-learning modules can be accessed from the FTA’s new website

UAE VAT Helpline
FTA has established a telephone and email helpline to assist taxpayers with their VAT compliance. Our trained staff will assist you with your concerns.

Telephone helpline: 600 599 994

Email helpline:

Type of assistance offered:

Request VAT information or request links to FTA publications. You can
You can report technical issues while accessing the FTA E-Services portal. Please note that the
Helpline cannot provide advice on case-specific transactions or specific topics. However, the Helpline may direct you to alternative channels for such inquiries if required.

Tax Agent A
Tax Agent is a qualified professional appointed by a taxpayer to assist with VAT compliance activities. These professionals are approved by the FTA after their tax qualifications, experience, and knowledge are thoroughly verified through the Tax Advisor Examination. The FTA also maintains a tax agent register for each tax agent, which records all matters relating to the tax agent’s professional activities.

For more information about tax agents, see the article Tax agents under UAE VAT.

A taxpayer can view the list of registered tax agents on his FTA portal at this link.

Please note that the appointment of a tax representative is not mandatory for compliance activities. When hiring a tax agent, it is important to remember that the company is responsible for the accuracy of its compliance obligations.

Tax Accounting Software Provider
Tax Accounting Software is designed to accurately capture and produce accounting information for tax reporting. When businesses implement automated systems for storing tax records, they reduce the rate of tax filing errors, thereby reducing compliance costs and penalties. Additionally, the software can generate reports to track your tax liability. The FTA is in the process of certifying certain tax accounting software providers based on a number of guidelines. Taxpayers can choose the right tax accounting software to facilitate their compliance activities.

Therefore, the FTA has developed various mechanisms to help companies carry out their compliance activities correctly.

You can also register for VAT Registration on our website:

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