Let’s begin by asking what a VAT return is in actuality. It is a periodic statement that must be given to the appropriate authorities and includes a summary of the value of all the purchases and supplies made by a tax-registered individual.

This statement will be submitted based on your invoices to the Federal Tax Authority UAE (FTA), and you may submit it along with all the required paperwork for a refund using the FTA’s online site.

The taxable person or any other person with the authority to act on their behalf, such as a legal representative or a tax agent, can carry out this operation.

Every tax period, which may be one month or three months based on the instructions provided by the FTA UAE on your VAT certificate, requires the taxable person to prepare and submit a VAT return.

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No matter how long, any VAT return must be submitted by the 28th of the month, which also happens to be the day the VAT return period ends. Companies that were established in the UAE must take extra care to adhere to the VAT laws, and they may contact UAE VAT experts to streamline the procedure for VAT in Dubai.

All firms that have registered for VAT are obliged to file their VAT returns, regardless of the form of registration for VAT, purchases, input/output tax, sales, etc. How should this be filed? The steps to filing a VAT return are listed below:

  1. The online site of the FTA allows users to submit their VAT returns.
  2. Click on VAT, then VAT 201, and then choose VAT return after logging into the FTA e-Services site.
  3. Add the required information on the VAT 201 form.
  4. The taxable person’s information, the VAT return period, and the VAT on sales and other outputs
    – VAT on inputs and costs – Net VAT owing – Any further paperwork needed for reporting – Statement and valid signatory
    Once properly completed and submitted, the authority will send you a confirmation email.
  5. Complete the payment with your chosen payment method.

Over the past five years, businesses have kept accurate records of all transactions and must have documentation in the form of paperwork and invoices in order to register for VAT.

Dealing with this procedure could be tiresome job, thus we advise you to contact our VAT advisors. We ensure that VAT registration in UAE for new firms is treated in the most hassle-free way by following with the legislation. Let’s get in contact to commence the same.

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