The Free Trade Agreement provides for the provision of qualified and licensed individuals to assist taxpayers in complying with VAT regulations. These people are called tax officials. Let’s take a closer look at VAT taxpayers. 

Who is a tax official?
A tax agent is a person registered with an FTA who represents a taxable person before entering into an FTA and assists them in fulfilling their tax obligations and exercising their tax rights . Can be appointed by the taxpayer. Tax agents can help taxpayers fully comply with their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required to comply.

What is the job of a tax agent?
The duties of a tax agent are as follows:

Assist taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations pursuant to contractual agreements between taxpayers and tax agents.
Maintain the confidentiality of all information received in the course of performing my duties as a tax official.
Refuse to take part in any project or plan that could lead to someone breaking the law or compromise the integrity of the tax system.

If and when requested by the FTA, provide all information, documents, records and data required regarding the Taxable Person he/she represents.

What prerequisites must be met in order to register as a tax agent in the UAE?

In order to become a registered Tax Agent, an individual must meet the requirements listed below:

Have excellent moral character and conduct, and never have you been found guilty of a crime or misdemeanour that compromises your integrity or honour

must possess a certified Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law, accounting, or tax from an accredited university. In the event that the candidate has a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, they must provide a tax certification from a recognised tax authority worldwide. recognised tax institute
minimum of three years’ recent experience in tax, qualified accounting, or law
Give proof of their ability to communicate both verbally and in writing in Arabic and English.
Pass the FTA`s Tax Agent exam
Provide a medical fitness certificate
Hold professional indemnity insurance

When may a tax agent’s application for registration be denied?
FTA rejects an application to register as a tax agent in two cases:

Applicant does not meet registration requirements.
Registering an individual as a tax agent affects the integrity of the UAE tax system.
What is Tax Agent Registration?

Obtaining a tax agent licence and registering with the FTA are prerequisites for anyone wishing to act as an agent. The Tax Agents Register is a register maintained by the FTA in which all matters relating to the professional conduct of tax agents are recorded.

UAE What administrative penalties apply to tax officials?

Administrative Penalties (AED)

1. If the person appointed as the taxpayer’s legal representative fails to notify the FTA of the appointment within 20 business days. Payment of the fine will be made from the funds of the legal representative


2. Negligence of the person responsible for enforcement of the fine A prison consultant to help taxpayers report their tax returns within 28 months of the end of the tax period. The fine may be paid from the prison consultant’s budget

1,000 for the first time and 2,000 if repeated within 24 months

Therefore, the tax agent must ensure that the taxable person is able to trade correctly and efficiently from the sport It plays a vital role in ensuring and providing guidance. VAT Compliance. They act as intermediaries between taxpayers and FTAs. The following article describes the UAE tax agent registration system.

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