The standard time frame for filing VAT return uae  is quarterly, meaning every 3 calendar months. However, some businesses may be required by the Federal Tax Authority trn verification (FTA) to file monthly instead. VAT return uae must be submitted by the 28th day after the end of the tax invoice period. For example, for the January-March quarter, the deadline would be 28th April.

Taxpayers can check their portal on the FTA website using their login details to see what return frequency applies to them.

The first ever VAT return uae filed in the UAE was on 28th February 2018 by taxpayers mandated to submit monthly. The first quarterly return was then due on 28th April 2018 for taxpayers with a 31st March year-end. Following this, the next deadline was 28th May 2018 for those with a 31st January year-end, covering 4 months. And the last quarterly return for the introductory period was 28th June 2018 for taxpayers with a 28th February year-end, covering 5 months.

So while quarterly returns are standard, the initial filings ranged from 4-5 months to align with companies’ individual year-ends.

If the VATRegistration return or payment deadline falls on a weekend or public holiday, it moves to the next business day. Taxpayers must still submit a nil return, even if they had no transactions that period.

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