All registered taxpayers in the UAE are required to file a monthly or quarterly VAT return. If the output VAT in the VAT return is higher than the refundable input VAT, the difference becomes a VAT liability that he has to pay to the FTA. The steps to determine and settle your VAT due are as follows:

Steps for VAT Payment
Once the VAT return has been submitted, the VAT payable and other obligations such as penalties that the taxpayer has to pay will be displayed under ‘My Payments’ in the FTA Portal. These are the procedures to determine and settle your VAT obligation:

Log in to his FTA ( using your username and password.
Go to My Payments, available on your portal dashboard.

Bottom Specify the total outstanding debt, specify the amount you want to pay, and click Pay.

Please note that payment in installments is also possible. However, please make sure to pay in full by the due date to avoid penalties. Additionally, old debts are paid off first, then new debts are settled. For example, if you make a payment, his January VAT return will be settled before his February VAT return.

Clicking on ‘Make Payment’ will redirect you to ‘Payment Information’.

Press the “Pay Now” button to continue with the payment process. This will be forwarded to the electronic dirham gateway.

Once redirected to the E-Dirham gateway, you can make the payment using your E-Dirham card or non-E-Dirham card.

You can use an e-Dirham or non-e-Dirham card to make the payment after being sent to the e-Dirham gateway.
After confirming the transaction and the VAT payment is processed successfully, you will be redirected to the FTA website.

You can view your transaction history and payments under ‘VAT Transaction History’ in the ‘My Payments’ tab as shown below.

This includes the normal transactions and payments of his VAT return and any penalties that may apply in connection with the VAT return. For example, late filing or payment of your VAT return.

Penalties for late payment of VAT

After filing a VAT return, taxpayers must ensure that payments are made on time. If payment is not made by the due date, late penalties will apply as detailed below.

2% of unpaid taxes will be collected immediately upon late payment of taxes due.
4% will be paid on the 7th day after the due date for payment of the unpaid tax amount.
1�ily penalty charged on any amount that is still unpaid for one calendar month following the deadline for payment with a maximum ceiling of 300%.

You can also register for VAT Registration on our website:

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