Required documents

The following information must be prepared in the appropriate format and included in your online application.

  • A valid business license
  • Approved signer’s passport/Emirates ID
  • Proof of Authorization for Authorized Signers
  • contact address
  • A bank letter confirming the applicant’s bank account details
VAT registration

Depending on the basis of registration, other relevant documents may include:

  • Taxable supplies (applies to all legal types except federal and emirate government)
  • Audited or unaudited financial statements in audit reports.
  • Self-made calculation sheets that may contain details for calculating taxable/tax-free supplies based on financial records
  • Evidenced revenue projections (e.g. local purchase orders or contracts)o A monthly sales declaration for a specified period, signed and stamped by an authorized signatory on the entity’s printed letterheado Supporting financial documents (e.g. invoice/LPO/contract/title deed/rental agreement)
  • Taxable expenses (applies to all legal types except federal and emirate government)o audit reports, audited or unaudited financial statements;o Expense budget report
  • Articles of Incorporation/Partnership Agreement (if applicable)• Certificate of Incorporation (for corporations)
  • Documents showing business owner information
  • Customs details (if applicable)
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Club, charity or association registration documents and supporting evidence (applies if you select “Corporation – club, charity or association”)Copies of laws (applicable if you select ‘Corporate – Federal UAE Government Entities’ or ‘Corporate – UAE Government Entities’)
  • Other relevant documents, such as documents providing information about the organization, such as activities and size (applicable if ‘Legal entity – other’ is selected)
  • Scanned copies of Emirates IDs and passports of managers, owners and senior management
  • A scanned copy of the land/property title deed (“Corporation – Corporation/Corporate – Club or Association/Corporate – Charity/Corporate – Federal UAE Government Agency/Corporate – Emirates Government Agency/Natural Person”)Accepted file formats are PDF, JPG, PNG, and JPEG. Individual file size limit is 5 MB.

Required form:

Below is a template that you may need to complete and upload as part of your online application.

  • Taxable Items – Sales Declaration Template
  • Taxable Expenses – Revenue Declaration Template
  • Sales declaration form
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