As a consumer in the UAE, you probably know that the country has implemented VAT. Since then you have paid his VAT on many purchases. However, certain cases are now coming to light where suppliers were charging and collecting their VAT from consumers even though they were not authorized. As a consumer, it’s no surprise that you have limited knowledge of the complexities of sales tax law. However, there is no need to worry. Use this simple checklist to ensure you receive an accurate tax invoice for your purchases.

This is a basic checklist to ensure you pay her VAT to genuine suppliers. Combined with the ability for anyone to verify the validity of her TRN, consumers have greater power to avoid being scammed.

Therefore, when a consumer receives an invoice for a purchase, he must check these four things. Please note that TRN (Tax Registration Number) is an identification number assigned to each registered company under UAE VAT. He cannot collect VAT unless the company is registered and has a TRN. Additionally, if you suspect that the TRN provided by your supplier is not true, you can check its validity. We explained this process in the article How to check if TRN is enabled. These measures ensure that sales tax is paid only to businesses authorized to collect it.

You can also register for VAT Registration on our website:

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