The UAE Federal Tax Authority has implemented various support measures to assist businesses with complying with the newly introduced Value Added Tax. Companies can learn the complex details of the VAT law and find solutions to any issues they face with VAT compliance. Let’s look at the different support channels introduced by the FTA VAT and how you can utilize them.

Support Channels for VAT Learning Introduced by the FTA

E-Learning Modules

The FTA online has created various e-learning modules to help businesses learn the fundamentals and more advanced topics related to VAT Registration. Companies can use these modules to train relevant staff on the organization’s compliance duties under VAT. The FTA VAT Registration also offers live training sessions and webinars that taxpayers can attend to learn more about VAT.

These e-learning modules are accessible through the FTA’s new website

VAT Helpline in the UAE

The FTA VAT has set up phone and email helplines to help taxpayers with VAT compliance. Trained staff will assist you with your inquiries.

Phone helpline: 600 599 994

Email helpline:

Types of Help Provided:

You can request information on VAT or links to FTA online publications.

You can report any technical issues accessing the FTA e-Services portal.

Note that the helpline cannot provide advice on case-specific transactions or specialized topics. However, they can guide you to an alternative channel for such queries, if appropriate.

Tax Agents

A tax agent is a qualified and licensed professional who businesses can appoint to help them with VAT Dubai compliance activities. The FTA licenses these professionals after thoroughly checking their tax qualifications, experience, and knowledge through an exam. The FTA VAT also maintains a tax agent register documenting all matters related to the agent’s professional conduct.

You can learn more about tax agents in the article ‘Tax agent under UAE VAT’.

Taxpayers can view the list of registered tax agents on the FTA online portal here.

Note that appointing a tax agent is not compulsory for compliance activities. If you do appoint an agent, remember that your business remains responsible for the accuracy of your compliance obligations.

Tax Accounting Software Providers

Tax accounting software accurately captures and produces accounting information for tax reporting. Implementing an automated system helps businesses maintain tax records, reducing errors, compliance costs, and penalties. The software also generates reports to track tax obligations. The FTA is in the process of accrediting certain providers based on guidelines. Taxpayers can choose suitable tax accounting software to facilitate compliance.

In summary, the FTA  VAT has instituted various mechanisms to help businesses accurately comply with VAT. Taxpayers should utilize the appropriate channels to increase their VAT knowledge and get answers to their questions and issues.

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