The Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) necessities for accrediting the tax invoice  accounting software program virtually displays the dedication of the Authority to simplify the taxpayer’s existence in adhering to the VAT Registration compliance. This additionally emphasises the significance of utilization of accounting software program in the adventure of accomplishing 100 % compliance for organizations.

The high goal which FTA VAT desires to pressure via the Tax invoice accounting software program necessities is that the automation of all tax-primarily based totally obligations of a taxpayer including retaining tune of information, payments, record VAT return uae, producing FAF (Audit File) etc.

In this article, we can talk the important thing advantages of the use of FTA VAT approved software program for organizations. Before we positioned down the listing of advantages, allow us to apprehend the important thing functionalities a tax accounting software program ought to have.

Key Functionalities of Tax Accounting Software

Among the diverse necessities, the 3 key functionalities that ought to be covered withinside the accounting software program is that the device need to have the capacity to robotically generate

FTA VAT Audit File (FAF)

VAT go back record

VAT Registration uae compliant tax invoices and credit/debit notes

To realize greater on tax accounting software program necessities, please read ‘FTA’s Tax Accounting Software Requirements’

In the context of FTA trn verification, tax accounting software program is one, which has, in-built competencies to provide tax invoice format uae reporting from the accounting information. Let us apprehend this with pictorial graphics.

it’s far clean that accounting software program need to produce the tax reporting from the accounting information i.e. the info of buy and income need to robotically be mentioned into applicable VAT reviews including VAT go back shape and audit record. This might be feasible simplest while the tax accounting software program has the in-built competencies to:

Understand the VAT Dubai necessities, each on the transaction degree and reporting degree

Determine the tax applicability at transactions degree, primarily based totally at the enter to be had withinside the master (Ledgers, Stock Items etc.)

Verify the tax calculation primarily based totally at the configuration you had done

Validate the transaction recorded in line VAT Registration Dubai  go back layout and FAF (Audit File) necessities and lets in seamless device assisted correction

Benefits of FTA Accredited Tax Accounting Software

Tax accounting software program is approved via way of means of FTA after a strict verification of necessities that an accounting software program has met. Once the accounting software program is approved via way of means of FTA, it’s far assured to simplify the VAT compliance for organizations. The following are a number of the important thing advantages of FTA Accredited Tax invoice format uae Accounting Software.

Generating VAT Dubai compliant tax invoice, Debit notice and Credit notice

Automatic technology of VAT go back shape (VAT 201) with 0 or minimal efforts

Auto-technology of FAF (Audit File) withinside the shape prescribed via way of means of the FTA with 0-efforts

With the in-built competencies to prevent, stumble on and device-assisted correction, you may be relaxation assured, VAT returns and audit record generated might be entire and error-free.

On-Time submitting of VAT returns for the reason that VAT return uae and audit record may be generated effortlessly

Saves you from paying hefty consequences beginning from AED a thousand to AED 50,000 a good way to be relevant for non-adherence for diverse compliance necessities

Maintaining books and all different VAT filing in uae information for a duration of five years or 10 years as relevant.

With the automation of all tax-primarily based totally obligations, it enables in decreasing the compliance value for organizations

While all of the VAT Registration reviews are continually ready (automated), it creates a platform which makes it less difficult for you in addition to FTA trn verification to co-function in regions including audits.

With most of these advantages, it offers the commercial enterprise owner’s peace of thoughts and lets in you to make investments greater time concentrating for your commercial enterprise increase in preference to get caught withinside the compliance grid.

All this sounds to be too good! Are there every other advantages of Tax Accounting software program?

The solution is ‘Yes’

A Tax Accounting Software is an incorporated software program that enables the organizations in dealing with their commercial enterprise wishes including dealing with books of accounts, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Billing, Financial reporting, Order management, stock management, etc. and on the identical time, lets you be 100% VAT compliant.

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